Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rough Times for Brother Jed

When our most senior officers went to the CFI Leadership Conference over the summer, there was one group there who liked our ideas so much they actually proposed marriage! And now, after months of flirting and heavy petting, The Secular Alliance of Indiana University (SAIU) has done what I would consider a formal consummation of our unholy union. They followed our organized protest last week by giving Brother Jed (and his spiffy new hat) a warm welcome of their own.

This is a wake-up call to Brother Jed and bigots like him that the list of places they are welcome is shrinking fast. Groups like SAIU all over the midwest, and indeed the nation, are growing and getting more organized. People are starting to pay more attention. We will oppose your hate and venom with love and laughter, and we will win.


John said...

I think I like their signs more than ours! But after heavy petting, I guess it's ok to say that.

david said...

"We will oppose your hate and venom with love and laughter, and we will win."

That's my new favorite quote.

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