Sunday, October 9, 2011

Helping Orphans Find a Good Home

Now I'm not someone who gets his jimmies rustled very often, but over the summer I read a post on The Friendly Atheist that really moved me. Hemant Mehta wrote on July 6:
Ever since civil unions became legal in Illinois, Catholic-run, partially-state-funded adoption agencies have been closing shop because they refuse to put children in the homes of loving, gay couples.
Now, the Youth Service Bureau of Illinois Valley, a secular agency, is stepping in to help out the children that the Catholic charities don’t seem to care about. They’re taking in 330 children left behind by the Catholic Charities in Rockford.
So, fresh from our Blasphemy Day revelry, a small group of dedicated ISSA members took to the streets. We set up a makeshift hot dog stand down the street from some of Champaign's most popular bars and watched the Hamiltons roll in.

All and all, things went about as well as could be expected. Drunken people only knocked our table over twice, nothing exploded, and we were able to raise $200 for the Youth Service Bureau of Illinois Valley. It's not much, but I sincerely hope it will go a long way in giving a needy kid a deserving home.


Anonymous said...

If you take darwinian evolution to its logical conclusion shouldn't atheists be against homosexual marriages and for heterosexual marriages?

family law sydney said...

I applaud and these pro efforts. Orphans are among the most vulnerable in society and I am glad that organizations are putting a heartfelt effort for the benefit of the orphans.

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