Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hit the Beck - Photos from Stewart & Colbert's Fake Political Rally

We aren't political. ISSA, that is, has no particular political stance. In fact even on a personal level I would never describe myself as an acolyte of the Republicans, Democrats or any other organized party. If I vote I will be better aided by a coin than a dossier. Jon Stewart would probably be matched with liberal mates were he to submit to the questionnaires of an but it's clear he finds at least as much fault with elected democrats as with anyone else. The rally isn't against Glenn Beck as a conservative/Tea Bagger as much as it is against Glenn Beck the imbecile selling equal loads of overpriced gold and overhyped fear from his Chalkboards & Teardrops TV pulpit.

Easier to racially profile than the average bear.

The rally-goers seem a predictable group of well-hearted people. They make a virtue of sanity, human rights, and self-effacing comedy. So do we. So here are just a few great images of the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.

eey trrkk rrrr jrrrrs!

... I got better.

(More pics after the jump)

Tea, Earl Grey, sane.

We're hungry as hell as we aren't guna take it anymore!
Begun, the clown wars have.


Now if you could just get about 5 million more signs.
sure, as long as you don't call me a NASCAR fan

See also.

Unless it's a really big sign

More sandwiches, and less fiscal malfeasance!

I'd be better with kids if they were all sinister and agendized
turtle power


I'm not entirely clear on the difference but it doesn't bode well for ex-witches


Karthik Manamcheri said...

there was a lot of signs which said 'masturbate and vote' .. didn't get the point of it ..

Rebecca Tippens said...

The photo of the "I like tea and you're kind of ruining it" sign just replaced my previous desktop background.

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