Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Single Awareness Day: AAFailable at your nearest Murphy's

Dear AAF Members, 

In lieu of Valentine's Day, we'd like to dedicate this email to you. You make us feel warm and fuzzy even when it's so cold we don't want to walk to Murphy's. 

Oh atheist, oh student
how proud, how prudent
to know there's no such thing
to which you need to cling
no god, no spirit, no holy ghost, 
just a simple Murphy's toast.


On to the news: 

Hemant Mehta will be joining us at 100 Noyes, on March 12 at 7PM, mark your calendars! Check out his blog at

This week's meeting will be at the Cohen Center (Hillel), on Fifth and John, as we are cohosting a benefit for Haiti with Hillel and Interfaith! For this Hillel Haiti Hodown, there'll be a five dollar suggested donation. Potted Meat (a comedy group) will be preforming, H20 will be there cutting some awesome haircuts, and Insomnia cookies is providing goodies. Hillel also has free coffee and hot chocolate, so please join us anytime from 7-10 (and Murphy's afterwards, of course), to help out for hurricane relief. And bring your friends too (and their $5)! This is an event not related to atheism- just a fundraiser we're doing to help out people in need.

The week after, CRU will be joining us in a simple one hour pizza party that will be like a roundtable discussion. Bring your questions and your manners! In order to sign up, please email or just reply to this email. We'd like to get a number of people so that we can tell CRU how many people they should bring as well, and for the sake of pizza orders. Right now, there's no limit, so sign up sign up sign up! This is a great chance to sit down with CRU, meet them, talk about beliefs, education, and how they came to choose their religion, and a great opportunity for you to tell your story to a different audience.

And what goes better after pizza than some alcohol! Phil, from CU Freethinkers, is hosting Spirits for Spirits at Murphy's, starting at 7 pm. As long as you put your hand on the Bible and deny the holy spirit, you get a free beer (limit one to those 21 years or older). Disclaimer: not an AAF event, just a great idea from Phil, and we'll be there anyway! Reminder this will be next week, the 18th.

We're looking at a social event sometime near March 12th or 13th, and our very own Jordan has lovingly donated his house to such an event. Bring up some great themes at the next meeting!

Again, thanks for everything you do, and we wish you a happy Singles Awareness Day on the 14th!

Love <3 <3 <3 <3
AAF Officers (but Julia did the poem)

PS. As a gift, I wanted to share with you guys Any youtube video that you find, put the link into and it'll automatically transfer that song/audio into your iTunes playlist. Great, great website. Now you owe me a beer.

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