Thursday, February 25, 2010

SCA to meet with White House on National Policy

Here's some interesting news... On Friday, the Secular Coalition of America is meeting with the presidential administration for a policy briefing, representing the nontheist community. This is the first time this kind of meeting has been held for the nonreligious. The Executive Director of the SCA, Sean Faircloth, states,
"We are very pleased that the Obama administration is affording us this opportunity to present our positions on issues of high importance, issues of freedom and fairness that affect every American, regardless of belief. Our Founders knew that there was no place in American government for the privileging of religion, or of one belief over another, and that will be a central theme in our interaction with the White House."

I actually feel like we may have used this picture before.

The topics planned to be discussed include protecting children from neglect and abuse (where religion is involved, I'm assuming), military proselytizing, and faith based initiatives. It's great that the movement is finally getting more recognition, and it seems like just the right topics to talk about, the issues we should be most passionate about. I'm surprised that Christian groups haven't started criticizing Obama for having the meeting though... maybe that won't start till after.

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Link to press release here


Edward Clint said...

wow. Win. I expect FOX news has already been all over it.. but I don't watch it.

Bob said...

The picture perfectly demonstrates my typical sunday afternoon

Glock21 said...

The Incredulous Hulk SMASH!

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