Tuesday, February 16, 2010

don't be an AAFhole

¡GET PUMPED HEATHENS! Loads of cool things are happening for our RSO this month and next!

This week, we'll be meeting together to speak with CRU on various topics of your choosing at an all inclusive pizza party! The location has yet to be set, but if you don't hear from us by Thursday, assume the regular meeting place at 229 NHB, 7 pm. You must have signed up for this by last Sunday, and yes (unfortunately) there will be a check in list with room for only a few extras, so if you didn't sign up, come early!! Here you'll get to meet CRU members and speak with them about anything you'd like (growing up Christian or atheist, what led them to they're belief or your nonbelief, etc). Please be respectful.

After the meeting, Phil from C-U Freethinkers is hosting an event called, "Spirits for Spirits," right at Murphy's, where we'll be anyway! (coincidence?) Just put your hand on the Bible and deny the Holy Spirit (the one unforgivable sin) and get a free beer! What a deal.

Also, conference time! This one hits close to home, right here in the windy city. Signing up is only $35 for a limited time, but the lineup should be great. Check it out at http://www.centerforinquiry.net/chicago. More information about this later.

Up ahead next week we have a showing of Jesus Camp (this meeting will extend to a half hour past regular time), so bring snacks/drinks if you care to enjoy those during a movie (or a box of tissues if you've seen this before, as it tends to be quite emotional). This meeting will NOT be at our usual location, so make sure to read next week's email.

We'll be doing some fundraising activities, as well as advertising in a couple of weeks, so tune in to WPGU 107.1 for our own commercial, and contact us if you'd like to work on the quad when it gets nicer out. We're looking for more involved students who can fill the exec board next year. It's a great opportunity to have your own voice in each meeting, speaker preferences (no, we didn't choose Loftus), and inter-RSO events. 

Stay tuned for more news, and don't forget Unofficial is happening March 5th! Stay safe, stay faithless.



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