Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Your religious AAFfiliation is wrong.

Happy Autumn, fellow skeptics! It's that time of the year again, midterm season wrapping up, winter coats and Ugg boots come out, and our cozy weekly trips to the Natural History Building and Murphy's become more and more important! Activities, trips, speakers, bar crawls, let's see what we have planned!

Meeting: Thursday, October 15th, 7 pm Natural History Building Room 229
Discussion on religious arguments led by your officers and YOU. Play devil's advocate, play a Christian, play the atheist, learn the arguments, the reactions, etc. PREPARE!

Curtis Orchards: Sunday, October 18th 1 pm
Perfect autumn weather, pick out a pumpkin and enjoy kettle corn and apple doughnuts! We'll try to get there around 1 pm, so drivers and drivees will be meeting at the Union at 12:30. If you are planning to come make sure to say so on the facebook group, and if you can drive and haven't offered yet email us, just in case. All the drivers will get a confirmation email via the facebook group.

Speaker: Margaret Downey Wednesday, October 28th 7 pm, Siebel Center Room 1404
Join Margaret Downey as our first speaker this year! She'll be speaking on the topics of "Tradition, Authority, and Revelation." Ask questions, meet her after the speech, and take an AAF picture!

Atheists on the Interwebs?
Don't forget we have a blog! Make us feel validated in our constant updating and visit us! http://uiucatheists.blogspot.com/
If you follow us we'll feel extra special :)

Wanna fit in?
Grab a t-shirt from Franklin before it's too late! If you've emailed Franklin for a t-shirt in the past make sure to bring money, and if you still want one just email back with a size and type (Hell or God) and he'll bring it to the next meeting. Also, bar crawl coming up in November, please get ready with some ideas for this Thursday's meeting for t-shirts.

Hope to see everyone this Thursday for a very interactive meeting, and if you absolutely can't make it, refresh after midterms at Curtis Orchards this Sunday (instead of church...).


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