Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tired? Drink some cAAFeine!

Hello all! Exciting couple of days coming up, hope you can join us for the fun. Our meeting this week, at 7 pm in the Natural History Building, Room 229, will be a discussion of Margaret Downey's speech tomorrow on Tradition, Authority, and Revelation. She will be our first speaker this year, so please join us in Noyes, Room 161 at 7 pm tomorrow (Wednesday)! 

Be sure to join us at Murphy's after our meeting Thursday, and this Saturday there is a free tailgate (free beer/free food) hosted by WPGU 107.1 just east of Assembly Hall on the 31st starting at 12:00 pm, where yours truly is bartending (pouring beer into cups). If you'd like to go, come talk to me (Julia) on Thursday so I can give you a ticket. Costumes are a must, don't let me down.

The t-shirts for the Bar Crawl (second week of November) will be here in about two weeks, but please give us money ASAP if you can! They're only $8! And email back what size you want so we have a good idea of how many to get of each size. The bar crawl will happen November 9th or 10th.

In addition, we're looking for a new Outreach Officer, please email us by Thursday if you're interested. A person in this position is required to attend a one hour officer meeting outside of the regular AAF meetings, to plan and coordinate events with other groups on campus (including Christian ones!) and organize any skeptic/atheist conferences that are coming up. Lastly, they should ideally be able to be an officer next year as well so we can have some old blood. If you'd like more information or have any questions, feel free to email back.

For information about us and what's happening in the atheist world, check out our own personal blog at uiucatheists.blogspot.com, and we hope to see everyone tomorrow with Margaret Downey!


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