Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dawkins on Bill O'Reilly

I guess it should be, "i before e, except after c, atheism, and Bill O'Reilly".

Actually, I really liked this interview. O'Reilly seemed, overall, a lot more palatable than usual (which of course isn't saying too much). I almost felt like he was showing some respect (!?!?).

By the end though, when they were discussing why creation from a higher power shouldn't be taught in the classrooms, and O'Reily was saying that it should just be "presented", not be told it's the truth, Dawkins should have pointed out that the purpose of a science class is to teach what we know based on evidence; it is irrelevant how many people believe in God, or even whether or not the claim is true; what is important is that we must teach what there is evidence for, and, at this point at least, there is no evidence for any sort of creation based on a higher power. If Dawkins just said that at the end I would have felt a lot better (he kind of did at his final word, but not really).

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