Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Banana BAFFles Atheists; All Renounce Logic

Fellow AAFers! We've made it past midterm season (at least most of us have), and hope everyone had a great time at Curtis Orchards this Sunday. Our next social event will be a barcrawl, but first we need your help with t-shirts!

Weekly Meeting
This Thursday, we'll be meeting in the Natural History Building, Room 229, from 7 pm to 8 pm, and then we'll wander over to Murphy's. Ben and Ashley will be leading a discussion on the topic of moral atheism, so bring questions regarding ethics/morality/can atheists be good people, etc!

FFRF Conference
The Freedom From Religion Foundation Conference is in Seattle, first weekend of November, and it's the last call to tell Ben that you're interested! So far, we have seven people, and SORF is very generous in reimbursing for hotel and airfare.

Margaret Downey on October 28th! Speaking on the topic of Tradition, Authority, and Revelation, come see her at 7 pm in Noyes Lab, Room 161. Formerly the President of the Atheist Alliance International, she's a great speaker and someone you don't want to miss! We're also preparing to have a speaker in the beginning of December, but it's a surprise :).

Keep updated with us! www.uiucatheists.blogspot.com

As mentioned before, we'll be having our very own barcrawl in the beginning of November, but first we're designing t-shirts! (These will actually be around $8-$9 if we can get 50 sold, so great pricing!) We're thinking of making our design about the banana argument (atheist's nightmare), but we'll discuss at this week's meeting. If you have other ideas or designs, please feel free to bring them! And check out the infamous banana argument here if you don't know: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfv-Qn1M58I

(Note that this isn't a joke)

See you all Thursday!

Julia "The Reaper" Mititelu

And slightly edited by Franklin "Overlord" Kramer

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