Saturday, October 17, 2009

Al Franken, my hero <3

OK, this isn't directly related to atheism, so we'll just say this is under the umbrella of "humanism" so I can post it anyway. Actually, I think that Al Franken is an atheist, but I'm not sure and am too lazy to do research on the subject.

Here's the background for those who don't keep up with news (I'd generally fall in that category). Al Franken, senator, was trying to pass an amendment which basically says the government will not do business with contractors that deny their employees the right to sue over sexual assault allegations. Basically, if a contractor allows rape without any sorts of potential consequences, the government shouldn't allow it. Amazingly 30 senators, all republicans, voted against it (luckily the amendment passed regardless). You can see the Daily show for more information about that part.

The video I want to show is Al Franken grilling an attorney representing the contractors for the specific case that brought this issue to court. He does an amazing job and it's chilling to watch:

You go, Al Franken. I can't think how he could have been done any better.

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Mat Rayman said...

Al Franken is the best senator.

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