Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blasphemy Day success!

I'm glad to report that Blasphemy Day went extremely well! Our Blasphemy Board became almost completely filled with post-it notes of blasphemy; one of my personal favourites (for some reason my firefox spell-checks in British) is, "Jimmy Johns sucks"; at U of I that is definitely a blasphemous phrase.

We also had a "Bowl of Blasphemy" that had a bunch of different phrases that me, Julia, and Bob came up with. We passed those out for free, and most people, of all faiths, thought they were pretty funny. I'm pretty sure we passed out around 100 of them throughout the day. A couple of my favourites:

"Darwin's beard was better than Jesus'"
"Jesus flunked fourth grade"
"The Holy Ghost listens to soft rock"
"God created Hell after listening to a Nickelback CD"
"Zeus threw thunderbolts like a sissy"

I could go on. The copywriter in me was quite pleased.

And, lastly, we shamelessly stole from the Secular Student Society in Texas and decided to sell cookies for the price of your soul. In addition to the normal contract, we also had an alternate one that offered an additional cookie if you offered the soul of your friend as well. I'm proud to announce that we have received a total of... *drum roll*... 61 souls! We could have gone on but unfortunately ran out of contracts. Some interesting factoids of what souls were being sold:

We have received the souls of many famous people, including:
- Richard Nixon
- Chris Brown
- George Bush
- Chancellor Herman (too soon?)
- Glenn Beck
- Bob Hope
- "Kany" West

Some other random facts:
- Someone named Max decided to sell both his soul and his brother's
- Someone sold their soul twice (don't worry, I only counted it once for the total)
- George Bush was actually pretty popular; more than one person offered his soul (did they really think he still has one?)
- One person who sold George Bush's soul signed their name as "Linda Bush" (I think they got her confused with Laura Bush? Poor Linda...)

Thanks to everyone who showed up for making Blasphemy Day such a success! I hope all of our future events go as well as this one did.

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